Past Featured Artists | 2015

Dora Fox


Samantha Tekiela

Samantha Tekiela, as quoted by her grandfather, was "born with a paint brush in one hand and a computer in the other." Ever since she was young she has always been drawing, painting or crafting something. She took a few art classes in high school but self taught most of her techniques.


She was introduced to pyro-graphics/wood burning through a friend and self taught through trial and error the different techniques to achieve different shades.The majority of the wood she works with she found, cut and sanded down - with the help from family and friends.


Samantha also works in chalk pastels, colored pencil and graphite.


Cynthia Kannan

Fine art photography has opened up a window to my subconscious mind and has allowed me to heal emotional wounds. I have found the medium that allows me to create ethereal worlds where timeless characters express their stories. They interact with dreams, fears and joys as a therapeutic reflection of my most inner self. The canvas thus becomes the window through which fantasy and reality collide in an illusory and melancholic playground. It is in this state of artistic reverie, that digital strokes transform the click of a shutter into the fairy-tale we all once carried within us. Rather than having people observe my world with open eyes, I much prefer those venturous enough who dare close them and plunge with me into the rabbit hole in search of their very own Wonderland.


"Just the Five of Us"

Five artist exhibit featuring:


Mary Powers

Zaneta Zieba

Lorry Vassar

Barbara Hansen

Rosalie Vass


Von Ehr Studios


Greg Zanis


Beech Tree Studio

Artist Statement by Andria Burchette (Owner)


It’s all about the body language. 


With careful attention to composition and design, my work celebrates fmy delight in how people visually and quietly communicate. 


Whether it is a slight smirk, an intense concentration, or soulful eyes, each of my subjects subtly tells a story through their posture and expression. 


Depending on the desired affect, I use anywhere from one to dozens of pencils, layered and blended seamlessly. 


A colored base often peeks through the finished work, and provides unity under an expansive palette. 


A variety of techniques pushes the limits on ways to apply colored pencil, which in turn, through textures and color moods, brings the story to life.


Jean Hess


David Yaeger

I have been interested in Art, Music, and Photography most all of my life. I have created spray paint art as well as colored pencil pieces in the past, mostly all have been abstract. I also have a passion for photography. However!! My new passion has been a discovery through the Digital Art media.


I spend hours upon hours in the late night trying to create something pleasing to the eye and to the spirit of the person who looks at my art. I work late in the evenings because that's when my creative energies are their highest. 


I think you will find most artist work that way. I try to convey through my art a feeling of awe and maybe even inspiration and love. I take pride in what I want to share with everyone, that's why my art is printed on metallic photo paper a photo process that brings the colors to life. I hope you find my art enchanting, colorful, mentally thought provoking and calming to the Spirit.


The other creative part of me is my wonderful wife Gloria she's been my support and always telling me I should sell my art. Creatively together we have made Faeriescapes Scenes on wood with Faerie Statues sold at craft shows and at our very own World of Faeries Festival in South Elgin.


Amanda Meyer

Hello! My name is Amanda Meyer born in 1991 and I am a Fine Art Portrait Photographer. I can divide my work into two separate yet connected facets. First I am a digital artist who plays with color through surreal and fantasy like imagery by using photo manipulation and compositing techniques. My underlying theme in all my work is connection (and nature), weather it be physical or metaphorical. Generally I use nature as a way to connect my subject to something or to the nature itself. I am very inspired by nature and incorporate that into my work. I also work traditionally with a 4x5 Toyo Monorail view camera, which uses 4 inch by 5 inch film negatives. This traditional facet of my work highlights fine detail portraits and double exposer techniques in camera and in post. The majority of my double exposure consist of a human silhouette and nature in series I have titled “Nature Within”.


Patti Parish

After 30 years as a Graphic Artist in the publishing and printing field, I started Parish Creative Arts in 2011. My original digital creations provide healing for the soul with a release of the imagination through the best and worst of times.
I hope my images calm, inspire, rekindle memories and even shock.
All accomplished by connecting the Creator to the Observer.

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