Past Featured Artists | 2013

Maureen Gasek

I believe a full understanding of our emotional nature fuels and nurtures our visual imagination. Each of my pieces is an exploration of emotion intertwined with organic substance which allows the viewers imagination to come to life.


I create works that individuals are the explorer and find life within as I do when I am creating them. The colors and layers in my work relate differently to each individuals spirit as it is viewed and studied.


My works are an exploration of movement and color. My intention is for the viewer to take control of each painting and explore there own memories, emotions and thoughts within each piece. Each piece will evoke something different from each viewer.


I am grateful for everything I have done and aspire to do. I love where my work is taking me and where it takes others.
I was created to create.


Damon Rowley

Damon Rowley is a surreal/realistic airbrush and mixed media artist. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, he now lives and works in the western suburbs of the Chicagoland area. His earlier works were mainly pastel and color pencil over large matte and illustration board. Now he works primarily with airbrush acrylic and automotive urethane paint over canvas and paper, as well as metal and ceramic 3 dimensional pieces.



Roz Anomaly


Solange Hensen


Christian Campos

The illusion of art making is a fantasy within itself. I am interested in my experience of being a gay man and this preconceived notion of what that entails in the consciousness of humanity. I want to understand my reality and not take my homosexuality for granted. I do not want to be absent/invisible in a vast array of symbolism and oversexed subcultures, but I do feel they are grounds for personal modulation. By pushing my hand out of the work I got closer to the psychological read manifested by my process. I rework sexual fantasies to the point of stagnation; the original being only a blueprint for desired mark making. 



Anne Von Ehr

I occasionally try to rationalize how and why I paint, but Art is by it's nature illusive, and resists being defined. As an artist I am encouraged to create a "Body of Work", pieces that have commonalities and direction. I challenge the idea that one type of an artist's work does not somehow relate to the work they have done in the past, are doing now, or will do in the future. The commonality is the history of the painter, the direction is often not linear, but still related.I became aware of how individual  and distinctive each persons artwork was when I was around 10 years old.
Since then I have been mindful of my artistic expressions.


My current art work is evocative of my life journey, a leaving behind of personal marks.
It is a layering of strokes and colors, done with condensed intention. 


Like words to a writer, it is my way of communicating and expressing myself,
an abbreviated history of where I have come from.


Chantel Baros

I have been passionately involved with art my entire life. Growing up in a home with my own grandmother’s floral paintings hanging on every wall. As a child, tagging along on each visit to the Art Institute my mother took.
These early introductions, as well as others throughout my development, gave me a great respect
and appreciation for the arts that I carry with me now.


As well as being a full time fine artist, I have done many private and residential murals including work in Holy Trinity Church and Chicago Public Schools as a Chicago Cares volunteer team leader artist. Most recently I have been employed as a fine art instructor, teaching painting classes, for Graumbacher.


I feel blessed to be a part of the rich cultural history and mix that are Chicago. I was born and raised here; each new experience with the city is as personal to me as one of my works. I have been shown in local galleries, museums, juried art fairs, and fundraisers. I love to travel and have a passion for learning about other cultures.
These new adventures are what constantly inspire and fuel my work.



Eric Dinse

Eric S. Dinse has had a long involvement with art; from creature drawings to abstract forms. He has combined his love of drawing, comics, science fiction and strange shapes into the inspiration he used to create his unique artwork.


He studied at Northern Illinois University.


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